Pepper and salt shaker, Sumo wrestler, 925 silver, copper

Design: Uli Teige

Sumo wrestlers made of sterling silver as a pepper and salt shaker.

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  • 925- sterlingsilver

Before the fight, Sumo wrestlers sprinkle salt over the battle site in a ritual ceremony - hence the implementation of the figures as spreaders.

The figures are assembled from solid sterling silver. The hair knot can be removed to refill the spice. To distinguish the figures, they wear a white and a black diamond in the bun. It is strewn from the mouth.

The heavy, silver figures stand on the patinated copper combat surface on small pencils and can be easily lifted off. The arena is a copper-studded wooden plate, which in turn stands on three syllable pairs of feet, and the faces of the wrestlers are found as decorative elements.

As an alternative, there is also a single figure on a pedestal instead of the couple - ask!

Here you can find a film on Youtube: Sumowrestlers

Height of the figures: approx. 9 cm diameter of the arena: approx. 21.5 cm

  • Height (of the ring on top of the finger) Figuren: 90 mm
  • Diameter Arena: 215 mm

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Pepper and salt shaker, Sumo wrestler, 925 silver, copper