Unique rings, unusual wedding rings or engagement rings, partner rings and one of a kind seal rings, great earrings, necklaces and unusual cufflinks: our jewelry gallery offers a wide variety of special designer jewelery.

In its capacity as gallery TRIMETALL also shows works of external national and international artists. From the fields of jewelry, sculpture and design, both in the permanent exhibition on two floors, as well as changing, temporary exhibitions you can find and purchase diverging pieces.

The visitor of the gallery will always find a wide selection of contemporary jewelry - and art works of different façon.

For example, there are the "teeth-ring" not only because of the name, but just by combining a variety of gold, silver, platinum and palladium a very attractive appearance. Even paper knifes or candlesticks become genuine artifacts that still enrich the world of jewelery design by one dimension.

Custom wedding rings and productions in modern jewelery design in close cooperation with the customer are our specialty! We make in advance sketches and possibly models of your wedding rings in the ratio 1: 1, to give you an optimum presentation of the ready piece of jewelery. We also process precious stones in all their diversity. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, tourmalines, aquamarine, opals and many other gems we hold for you.

Jewelry is an expression of personality - and personalities are different! Therefore, it is important to present jewelry and wedding rings of different styles: whether purist bracelet or baroque seeming collier, whether subtle stickpin, superb ring - on the following pages you will find a selection from the range of jewelery by TRIMETALL Cologne.

Each piece is made by TRIMETALL in Cologne or by the galleries designers by hand, with care being taken consistently on quality craftsmanship and originality in design. If you ever don't find any price information, it is either unique, or it is not available at the time and / or must be recalculated - please ask!

Do you have jewelry that you no longer wear? By reworking, your treasures get new shine! Or we will charge the precious metal of your old jewelery and build a whole piece of jewelry. We can often use existing gems again.

Our designer jewelry online shop is constantly updated, so that a visit is always worthwhile. If you visit our other pages finding objects that interest you, please contact us!

If you are near, vistit TRIMETALL - jewelry- design - objects Auf dem Berlich 26 in the city of Cologne and browse through our exhibition.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Your TRIMETALL team, Wolf König and Uli Teige