Jewelry and design work

The range of the TRIMETALL - collection ranges from inexpensive small series up to elaborate one of a kind pieces of jewelry. Often enthusiasm for fascinating gems and unusual combinations of materials stimulates the imagination of the designers. But also a playful approach to traditional wearing habits and the sometimes almost ironic reference to the traditional model of art and jewelery history make the work exciting.

A very important area of ​​work is the fabrication on customer request , either based on draft proposals of the studio or by implementing a customer drawing.

The work is not limited to the jewelry sector in which individual wedding rings to larger runs of corporate identity buttons everything is covered. Rather, the activities also include the design and execution of small sculptures, device or design accessories such as Bookmark as giveaways or awards for deserving corporate employees .

Quality is important to us!

All work is consciously designed to originality and quality in formal and workmanship. All pieces are made by hand in the own goldsmith's workshop or by designers represented in the gallery.

You will find no industrial mass production at TRIMETALL, but work that has been designed and manufactured either as unique or as small series.


The ring is probably the most intimate piece of jewelery, it is inherent in the greatest symbolism. As a gift it iss a sign of affection, it attests friendship and marriage. It presents most perfectly the beauty of a broader gemstone as by the movement of the hand comes the glitter or shimmer to the fullest advantage. Although small in dimension, it is exciting to design: it must be wearable between the fingers, provide many views and interesting perspective and draw attention.

Wedding rings, but different...

Here you will find a detailed introduction to the topic wedding rings.


There is hardly a piece of jewelry that is subject not only in accordance with the importance, but also in terms of its aesthetics to tougher criteria than the wedding ring. Day by day it reflects a unique passion. And just as often it has to compete with trends and fashions. Since there is more than helpful, to study in depth the topic of "rings for life." Talk to us, let us advise you and find the personal TRIMETALL - unique ring for a lifetime.


On the face of the wearer the earring is present in any eye contact . Therefore you choose it wisely, depending on the occasion and mood. From subtle little things to fascinating eye catchers - with us you have the choice.


From Collier or pendant as unique to the sparkling gem necklace: everything is possible! Necklaces made ​​of precious stones are so diverse that they often do not require any other applications. Natural nuggets are just as exciting as elaborately cut and polished diamond chains. The color palette seems limitless and each gem has its own charisma. In addition to the treasures of nature the subject pendant provides the jewelery designers unlimited design possibilities of which you get an idea on the following pages.


From cufflinks to bangles, TRIMETALL manufactures individual bracelets. Here you will find a selection masculine - technical works, figurative modeled, or classic monograms. The bracelets look clear in design with or without precious stones, but also baroque splendor and opulence.

Jewelry for men

From cufflinks on to rings and to bill terminals, TRIMETALL manufactures individual jewelry for men. Here you will find a selection of masculine pieces.

Cologne Jewellery

Cologne local patriots will find jewelry, with which you they can manifest their attachment to the unique city on the river Rhine . Rings, buttons or cufflinks with the Cologne Cathedral and other typical details like the Kölle Alaaf  carnival ring are individually and lovingly worked on Cologne jewelry.

Brooches, buttons or tie clips

Brooches still give us more than any other jewelry space for creative design and for statements of the owner. Therefore, buttons are also often custom made ​​products, which are developed in close consultation with the customer. Whether Cologne Cathedral Pin for local patriots, a golden rose for the beloved or futuristic or fantasy designs - be inspired!


Buttons, noble pen, Incentives, from unique to large series. In addition to jewelry, we develop - often in close cooperation with the customer purpose-built objects such as incentives, tabletop units, belt buckles and much more. Depending on the needs and number of the design the appropriate technology is realized. Our technical expertise and over the years arisen network of specialist companies enables rapid and high-quality execution of any design idea.


Singing bowls, candlesticks and Artworks: in addition to small valuables in our showcases the eye recovers while viewing selected larger objects. The magic of the natural vibration of a water spring bowl, the old technique of etching, fantastic sculptures - all this makes a visit to our gallery a great experience.