Wedding rings, but different...  

There is hardly a piece of jewelry that is subject not only in accordance with the importance, but also in terms of its aesthetics to tougher criteria than the wedding ring. Day by day it reflects a unique passion. And just as often it has to compete with trends and fashions. Since there is more than helpful, to study in depth the topic of "rings for life."

Talk to us, let us advise you and find your personal TRIMETALL  unique ring for a lifetime.



Your wedding rings handmade

All rings are made individually for you. At request we form a 1 : 1 model of a special wax in advance so that you can experience your ring in the correct size on your hand. The wax model can then be easily changed in its proportion. Thus, each ring you see can be changed in its width and height until you like it one hundred percent and it optimally adjusts the proportion of the hand. This way we can take up and implement your ideas and produce the different models in all precious metals. If you prefer aspects of different rings like for example, the form of one, the surface of an other and the color of a third - no problem: all components can be transferred to your personal rings!

The pricing of the Rings

Prices for wedding rings depend on the material, the ring size and thus the weight of the metal, the gemstone and the expense of production. Each ring is custom made! Silver rings cost from about 340.00 Euros per pair, the prices of gold, platinum or palladium rings depend very much on the metal weight that can vary according to proportion or ring size. Contact us or stop by the studio and receive an advance asking price, which can change during the preparation of your personal rings at most slightly up or of course downward.

Precious metals for your wedding rings

Of course, each model can be made in any material. The usual metals are gold, platinum, palladium and silver. Gold alloys are mixtures of gold, silver and copper. Depending on how the mixing ratios are applied, we obtain different colors and fineness. Thus you differentiate between yellow gold, red gold, white gold and between 585, 750 and 900 gold, that means the ring consists of 585, 750 or 900 out of 1000 parts of gold, the remainder being copper and silver or palladium in white gold. Combinations of different colors are also feasible.


White gold

Depending on the mixing ratio white gold can have a warm, gray or a slightly lighter, slightly yellow hue. Our White Gold is a gold - palladium mixture. It is absolutely free of nickel and therefore completely safe for allergy sufferers. Unlike platinum and palladium white gold has the gold content of the alloy and shows a warm tone and a slightly yellowish tint.


Platinum and palladium

Platinum and palladium have a clear gray color and very similar mechanical characteristics. Platinum is the noblest, most rare and thus the most precious of all metals. It is also the heaviest of jewelry metals, resulting in a special feel to it. It is extremely inert and therefore very suitable for strong allergy sufferers. Palladium is a so-called platinum - side metal and it belongs to the platinum group in the periodic table of the elements. Visually, the metals platinum and palladium are barely distinguishable. The essential difference is that palladium is only about half the weight and considerably less expensive than platinum.



925 silver, known as sterling silver, is in silvery hue the lightest alloy. Unlike the other precious metals, silver can oxidize by the copper content in the alloy, thus calling yellowish or black. This feature can be made advantage of to create attractive black and white contrasts. In silver wedding rings one must remember that in rare cases it can also lead to an unwanted, black tarnish of the jewelry piece.


Stainless steel

An unusual alternative to precious metals is stainless steel. It has a clear gray color, light in weight and is relatively hard. However, steel rings can only conditionally be changed in size later. The rings depicted show the topography of the trail E 5, in which the couple has come to know each other. The trail is marked with green acrylic.


Surfaces of wedding rings

The surface designs are virtually limitless. The rings can be frosted or polished, have a file mark, a hammer mark or an engraving. However, each ring changes through wearing: matte rings get glossy, polished rings become lustreless.

Here the beautiful surface of a worn gold ring made of 900- gold.


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