Find your ring sizes

If you want to order rings, we need your ring sizes.


The ring size is the inner circumference of the ring in mm. You can also take the inside diameter of the ring, as accurately measured as possible. 

Remember that normally the ring sizes on the right hand are different from the left hand. It is therefore important to measure where you want to wear the ring later.

In addition, the finger can ever have different thicknesses: after sport or a long walk they are usually slightly thicker, in the morning thinner than in the evening and in summer thicker than in Winter.

The ring size can be either measured by a goldsmith or jeweler or you can send us each a ring that fits you well.

Alternatively, cut an approximately 7 mm wide strip of paper and wrap it around your finger so that it fits well. Mark the piece of paper with a pen at the point where it overlaps and measure then to track the length of the strip up to the mark. Alternatively, insert the strip into a ring that fits you well and do the same.

On request, we will send you a handy Multisizer. This small tool can be adjusted in size, until you have a good feeling on the finger. Note the number in the little window and send it to us together with the Multisizer and we can take over the ring size.

After a binding wedding ring order, we can send sample rings for free if you are unsure about your size. With these rings you can check your ring size and confirm or correct if necessary.
Please send the sample rings back within 14 days. The shipment may take place in an enclosed return envelope. The postage is 1.45 euros within Germany. If we don't get back the sample rings after 14 days, we charge 15.- Euro per sample ring.